John DeSantis - Program Director/Afternoon Personality (Riverside-San Bernardino, CA.) -
"HK's ratings are thru the roof! If I was a PD in another market and saw what In The Mix with HK is doing here I wouldn't hesitate to pick up the show! Fully produced and easy! HK is different than the other shows - beat driven but all the hits. The show is perfect for Hot AC. Soccer Moms love it and guys find it hip because of the remixes. In The Mix with HK and Hot 103.9 are a match made in heaven. I've looked at other shows and haven't seen anything come close to In The Mix with HK".

Chris Russell – Program Director/Morning Host - “I can't begin to describe what a HUGE difference to our lineup HK has made already. And to be able to promote "In the Mix" with our station moniker is monumental. HK delivers a more than solid performance, incorporates great social media promotion, and makes himself - literally- one of the staff! I'm very proud to be able to offer In The Mix with HK™ to our listeners in Western New York!  Big numbers!!”

Wes Spicher - Brand Manager - “We’ve had about ten mix shows and none have come close to In The Mix with HK. The show, promos and blog are always on point and topical. When it comes to taking care of the customer, their personal service consistently goes above and beyond.”

Aaron Traylor - Program Director"Zoo FM has been in constant search of a mix show that played familiar, yet remixed hits with an upbeat host. We've found it with In The Mix with HK™. We can't think of a better way to kick off our weekends. Our listeners are certainly in for a treat."

Noah Sherwood - Brand Manager - "When putting on the biggest party in the QCA, it was a no brainer to add HK, and B100 can’t wait to keep moving forward with such an awesome show!  Is it the weekend yet?!?"

Rob Wentz - Program Director/Brand Manager - "In The Mix with HK is exactly what we needed for our Saturday Nights. We wanted a high-energy, non-stop music show that had great remixes and kept a late night party going. In the Mix with HK is the show that does exactly that. A+!"

Jason Howard - Program Director - “Great energy, killer content, unheard of access (HK follows me on twitter for God sakes) and the best service I have ever had the pleasure of needing. Find a slot for this show.”

Jeff Nixx - Program Director - "In The Mix with HK™ gave us the kick in the pants Saturday nights needed on Y100.1.  Always a great mix, with great artists & interviews plus HK keeps the listeners plugged in with our Facebook & Twitter pages. Great show!" 

Chad Taylor - Operations Manager“Saturday nights are heating up with In The Mix with HK™ on Mix 94.9 KMXK – Our numbers keep going up P18-49 (2 books in a row). I can’t say enough great things about the show and the staff behind it. I’ve been at this a long time and this by far has been one of the best experiences when dealing with syndicated programming.”

Andy Erickson - Brand Manager“We were in need of something to heat up our weekends. In The Mix with HK filled a huge void in our Friday nights. Hot mixes, fantastic production value, HK is a great addition to our lineup!”

Chris Britt - Program Director"In The Mix with HK is a great addition to our Saturday night line up.”