Wednesday, December 31, 2014


2015 is set to be a killer year for music! It‘s already solid for great live performances, with Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Ariana Grande, and One Direction getting’ ready to tear up the concert circuit. God knows I can’t wait to see Katy Perry’s half-time Super Bowl show featuring a thousand kittens, edible glitter and fire-breathing sharks. You know that girl is going to rock Phoenix and who doesn’t love edible glitter???

Big artists are slated to drop new music in 2015. My decks have been screaming for the much anticipated Rihanna album. Also, Rita Ora’s second album is set for pressing after being delayed since her split from boyfriend/co-writer Calvin Harris. And Fergi, who hasn’t released an album in eight years, will be throwin’ down her sophomore effort. Plus new beats from Imagine Dragons, Charlie XCX and Coldplay are all hittin’ it in 2015! 

I can tell you I'm gonna be hittin' the decks hard and heavy this weekend on In The Mix with HK™!!! Tune in to hear EXCLUSIVE HK REMIXES on HozierTake Me To Church, Nick JonasJealous, Maroon 5Animals, Taylor SwiftBlank Space, Iggy Azalea featuring Beg For It and much, much more!

Remember…if it's hot, if it's new and it makes you wanna move…you're In The Mix with HK™.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I like to call it a New Year’s Eve prep party. It’s the last party of 2014 and we’re doin’ it BIG! Get ready for all your fave hits of 2014 remixed, reproduced and re-envisioned HK style!

Over the past year singers, songwriters, musicians and bands pulled out all the stops and I’m going to be givin’ them props with an In The Mix with HK™ 2014 spectacular you don’t wanna miss! I'm focusing on songs that stayed in the TOP 10 for the longest period of time through out the year. 

So rest, hydrate and repeat, you’ll need all your energy! 2015 is bangin’ on the door and I’m gonna be bangin’ out the best beats of 2014 all weekend long!

Remember…if it's hot, if it's new and it makes you wanna move…you're In The Mix with HK™.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


The holiday season brings many a party but anxiety can also creep in with finals, travel, buying gifts that burn a hole in the pocket and the much talked about and oh so special “Family Stress”. Don't worry though, cause In The Mix with HK™ is gonna kick that holiday stress to the curb. I mean, we are here for YOU! And the experts have our back.  Mayo Clinic says in their “Tips To Tame Stress” that “listening to music is a good stress reliever because it provides a mental distraction, reduces muscle tension and decreases stress hormones” they go as far to say “Crank up the volume and let your mind be absorbed by the music”.  Oh yeah …I’m gonna be crankin’ up the volume this weekend with an all out sonic assault on your senses.

Look at what I'm putting under the tree for you. Brand new mixes on Hozier Take Me To Church, Charli XCXBreak The Rules, Taylor Swift - Shake It Off and Mr Probz Waves. I'm also filling my Santa sleigh with exclusive never before heard versions of James Newton Howard featuring Jennifer Lawrence – The Hanging Tree, Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk, and Fallout Boy - Centuries. My bounty of musical presents is sure to excite when I unwrap the likes of Ella Henderson, Ariana Grande and The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, Maroon 5 and more.

Don't miss a single second of my Christmas party and consider my HK bangin’ beats an early gift!

Remember…if it's hot, if it's new and it makes you wanna move…you're In The Mix with HK™.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


We always knew music ruled the world.  Now, according to Twitter, music is the MOST discussed topic on their social media site. The Twitter class of 2014 shapes up like this…Justin Bieber was the most tweeted about artist. Pharell's Happy was the most tweeted about song. Beyonce' had the most tweeted about album. Katy Perry has the most followers, but 2015 is my year to catch her (haha!). Come on people! We can do this! Follow me on twitter @HowardHKKessler and you could walk away with cool limited edition HK swag! Winners are randomly selected monthly.

Your tweeters and woofers are gonna be thumpin’ big time this weekend when I drop the needle on custom HK remixes. Get ready to tweet about my amped up versions of Calvin HarrisBlame, HozierTake Me To Church, Nick JonasJealous, Jessie J f/2 Chainz + more! It's gonna get turnt up with new joints from One Republic, The Script, Hoodie Allen, Ella Henderson and Betty Who.

Remember…if it's hot, if it's new and it makes you wanna move…you're IN THE MIX WITH HK™.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Despite record sales continuing to decline some recording artists are still bringing in big bucks. According to Wealth-X’s net worth valuation Madonna is topping the list with a whopping 800 million dollars. Sir Paul McCartney, who used to be on top, dropped to second place with $660m. Dr. Dre came in 3rd with a not so shabby $650m. I knew I should have invested in headphones. Diddy came in 4th with $640m and Celine Dion locked up the top 5 with $630m. In case you were wondering there are no financial issues in the Jay Z / Beyoncé house as they rank #8 and #10 with a combined net worth of $950m. Yeah that’s right practically one billion! That’s just a crazy amount of zeros.

Do you think those estimates are right? Well, don't sweat the fact that you and I have smaller bank accounts. Waaaaaay smaller bank accounts! We'll all be living large and in charge when I fire up the decks this weekend. I'm coming at you with non-stop exclusive HK remixes on Fall Out Boy, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Charli XCX, Calvin Harris, Jessie J and One Direction. Plus brand new joints from Fifth Harmony, Lillywood & Robin Schulz and Lights.

There's always some special surprises, so tune in!

Remember…If it's hot, if it's new and it makes you wanna move…you're In The Mix With HK™.