Thursday, July 26, 2012

HK Bares All

What is up with celebrities and their naked photos and sex tapes? The newest member of the "I Have No Clothes on Photo Club" is Carly Rae Jepsen. First, Carly Rae denied that she was the topic of nude internet pics, then denied that she was the star of a sex tape. Now a new report suggests that actual nude photos of the pop songstress were hacked from her computer. Hacked from her computer??? No way! Am I having deja vous or have I heard this story before?  I think I can speak for all of us when I say "We have heard this one before".

Now I think that Carly Rae is the sweetest thing next to cuteness but I'm just sayin'... Carly joins a long list of celebs including Chris Brown, Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, Ke$ha, Paris Hilton, Hayley Williams, Kanye West, Scarlett Johansson, Amber Rose, Christina Aguilera, Mila Kunis,  Snooki, Kim Kardashian etc. etc. etc., who allegedly (actually) have had naked pictures and/or sex tapes exposed (pun intended) to the public. Well, Call Me Crazy but Maybe celebs who are so upset about their privates going public, should stop storing buck naked photos of themselves on their computers. I must be brilliant!!! Then again, where would Kim K be now if she didn't have that sex tape?

Well, I can tell you where you should be this weekend and that is In The Mix with HK! I have all of your favorite hits seriously exposed, blown up and remixed HK style for a non-stop groovefest.

Look out for custom HK remixs of Pink - "Blow Me", Maroon 5 - "Payphone", Rita Ora  "How We Do (Party)", Flo Rida - "Whistle", Justin Bieber - "Boyfriend", Gym Class Heros featuring Ryan Tedder - "The Fighter", Afrojack & Shermanology - Can't Stop Me", Breath Carolina - "Hit and Run", Grouplove - "Tongue Tied" and Wallpaper's - "Best Song Ever".

And that's just gettin' the party started!!!  So tune into In The Mix with HK this weekend and get ready for some serious party makin' beats.

Remember..."If It's hot, if it's new and it makes you wanna're In The Mix with HK". 

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Kid Can Still Rock!

Compared to his last concert tour this was a stripped down (pun intended) version of a Kid Rock show with no sexy dancers, mayhem and stripper poles. Throw in it was outdoors and the sun was blazing, meaning no added energy from lights or pyrotechnics and for anyone else it could have been hard to pull off. Well I gotta tell you, Kid Rock who is now north of 40 (as he so aptly pointed out in the song entitled "F**king 40") almost started a wildfire at the sold-out Mystic Amphitheater Sunday. From the opening note of "Devil Without A Cause" to the closing note of "Born Free" in the encore, this crowd of over 6,000 never sat down. It was hot, it was sticky, the sweat was pouring off of everyone and not a single person stopped yelling, singing along or dancing with the Kid. Now that's a party!

Kudos to Kid Rock's ten member Twisted Brown Trucker Band which featured a veteran line-up and included Minnesota's own Shannon Curfman. She joined his tour in 2011. Big ups to the boys on the sound board as well. As a Producer/DJ/Remixer and someone who has spent his whole life dealing with sound, you know I can be picky about where I hear a show or see a movie. And I gotta tell you the only thing tighter than the band was the sound system. I'm talking perfection. Right in the pocket good.

Some may have missed the sexy goings on that Kid Rock fans may have come to expect, but I totally dug the mature – I'm here to rock you out talent that you only see in truly gifted veteran performers. At one point in the performance Kid Rock played guitar, drums, did a mean scratch set on the DJ set-up and even tickled the ivory. Pop stars of the month take note, Kid Rock started out as a wana-be white rapper in the early 90's. I still have his original demo tape that was getting shopped around back then. It made it's way to me when I was an A&R Executive at Tommy Boy Records. That first phase of his musical career didn't really kick in, but that was because he had yet to fully evolve. When you look at the arc of Kid Rocks musical journey it's really quite interesting. He started in rap. Moved to rock. Segued into country and then magically pulled together everything he loves better than anyone. The ultimate old-school hip hop, detroit r&b, southern rock mash-up is the makings of a great Kid Rock Song and show.

Not only can this Kid still Rock, but he never sounded better. To put it in his own words.."Not bad for sober and in the daylight".

Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's Gettin' All Kinds of Sexy In The Mix with HK

There's an old expression..."sex sells". Sex, Sex Sex. Well, some things never change. USA Today just released this week's best selling books. Toping the list are the erotic tales by E.L. James.  Coming in #1 - is "Fifty Shades of Grey", #2 - "Fifty Shades of Darker" and #3, you guessed it, "Fifty Shades of Freed". While literary lovers are cozying up to sultry books, the stars are burning up the Billboard top 20 with a few tantalizing hits of their own. Here we find Flo Rida's "Wild Ones" with Sia chanting the "G" rated part of the lyrics - "hey I heard you were a wild one, If I took you home it would be a home run". Usher keeps the fires stoked with his hit "Scream", singing: "If you want to scream - "yeah", let me know and I'll take you there". Rihanna is looking for love in "Where have you been" as she belts out  "I've been everywhere man looking for someone who can please me... love me all night long". Maybe she should hook up with Usher?????
This weekend I'll be keepin' the beats going all night long with sexy HOT custom HK remixes of Flo Rida - "Whistle" (can we say suggestive lyrics), Maroon 5 - "Payphone", Afrojack & Shermanology - "Can't Stop Me", Wallpaper - "Best Song Ever", Justin Bieber - "Boyfriend", Grouplove - "Tounge Tied" and Rita Ora  "How We Do (Party).
And that's just gettin' the party started!!!  So tune in this weekend and get ready for a steeeeamy summer throw down.
Remember..."If It's hot, if it's new and it makes you wanna're In The Mix with HK". 

Friday, July 6, 2012

HK And The Stars are Crankin Out the Jams

Big music stars have been in the studio and are crankin out the jams. Christina Aguilera has been gettin' busy hittin' the high notes. She is working on her new album with producer Max Martin. Max has churned out hits for Xtina's one time rival Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry. She is hoping that the Swedish hit maker will bring his magic to her latest endeavor. Look out for the first single off Christina's album to drop in August. Pink has also been in the lab working on her latest album, "The Truth About Love", slated for release on September 18th. The first single, "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" dropped this week. Lets not forget our fave Detroit homie, Eminem. He's been laying down tracks for his eighth disc. We are happy to report that he will, once again, be working with his mentor Dr. Dre for what is certain to be some seeeeeerious beats.
If you want to hear serious beats this weekend tune into In The Mix with HK for a wicked musical meltdown. This week I'll have custom HK remixes of Kelly Clarkson - "Darkside", Katy Perry - "Wide Awake", Carly Rae Jepsen - "Call Me Maybe", Gotye feat. Kimbra - "Somebody That I Used to Know", and Rita Ora - "How We Do (Party)".
And that's just a fraction of what you'll hear. It's gonna be a nonstop party this weekend on In The Mix with HK so tune in for a serious HK throw down.
Remember..."If It's hot, if it's new and it makes you wanna're In The Mix with HK". 

Monday, July 2, 2012

A Summer Night With Lot's of Heart

One of the things I love about summer is all of the great concerts (some outdoors) that we get to see. I kicked off the summer with my first outdoor concert of the season at the new Mystic Amphitheater.

It was the first night of the Heart tour with opening act Joan Jett and The Blackhearts. Both acts seemed to have made time stop by looking and sounding exactly as they did years ago. Joan in her trademark black jumpsuit and rough gravelly vocal, complete with straight ahead hard edged guitar playing. And The Wilson sisters, known to the world as Heart. Ann Wilson in all black dress with black fringe shawl sporting  one of the best female rock voices ever to grace a song. Along with Nancy Wilson in the prerequisite skin tight black dress sporting just enough cleavage to be sexy and that awesome guitar playing. Through the years I've often thought when guys listen to Heart songs they think of Ann's great voice and Nancy's great looks, but do they realize just how talented a songwriter and guitar player Nancy is as well. 

This was one of those concerts that brought a sold out crowd to a new venue cause both acts have a loyal legion of fans. And speaking of the venue, whose brilliant idea was it to turn this empty plot of land adjacent to the Mystic Casino into a concert ground complete with seating and concession stands. There was plenty of security, medical backup and ample parking, complete with shuttle busses.The staging was great with fantastic lights and sound system. My only complaint was a bit of audio distortion on two of Hearts signature hits, caused by either the sound man not watching his levels, or a power amp working to hard. Outside of that the sound all night had plenty of punch, was tight and right in the pocket.

Both groups played all their hits. When Joan Jett played "I Love Rock & Roll" and her cover of "Crimson & Clover" the Blackheart fans jumped to their feet and joined in. She also got a good reception to a brand new track called "Reality Mentality". Heart has so many hits, the crowd was basically on their feet for the entirety of the show. Jamming out to "What About Love", "Barracuda", "Heartless", "Straight On", "These Dreams" and others. They've got a new album dropping in October and performed for the first time ever live, a single from that soon to be released album - "Dear Old America", which is a tribute to our troops returning home from war.

You can check out this new Heart track at

Whatever your musical taste may be…get out and enjoy a summer night and listen to great live music under the stars!  I'll be looking for you! HK.