Friday, September 14, 2018


No one can dispute that Nicki Minaj can spit and make hit tracks but her mission to come out on top has landed her in more than a few feuds. Going way back to mocking the rising star Iggy Azalea at the BET Awards. Niki was caught on camera spoofing Azalea’s dancing as Iggy preformed her #1 smash, “Fancy”.  Then after beating out Azalea for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, Minaj insinuated that Iggy doesn’t write her own raps. There were also her beefs with Taylor SwiftMiley CyrusLil’ Kim and Remy Ma. And who can forget the Mariah/Minaj war played out on American Idol? When Minaj’s album recently debuted at No. 2 behind Travis Scott’s she accused him of using underhanded tactics to push his album forward and said she wanted to “punch him”. Ms. Minaj has reportedly gone as far as to threatening the lives of Mariah Carey and Cardi B. Things recently got real with Cardi B and Nicki at the now infamous New York Fashion Week smack down. Nicki, we love your music but perhaps letting your talent speak for itself and playing nice with those who may share the spotlight might keep the flying shoes at bay.

This weekend I’m putting the spotlight on some of your fave hits and stirring up custom HK remixes on Maroon 5 with Cardi BZedd & Elley DuheAriana GrandeCalvin Harris & Sam SmithThe Chainsmokers featuring Emily Warren plus the new jam from Jason Derulo and David Guetta with Nicki Minaj, a few sonic surprises and so much more! So call the crew and turn the volume up.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018


Bebe’s latest smash, “I’m A Mess”, is climbing up the charts. Rexha says her inspiration behind it was finding out on Instagram that a guy she really liked was dating another girl. The very same day she had a session with songwriter Justin Tranter. Upon arriving to the studio Bebe said “I’m sorry but I’m a mess”. Tranter responded “Really? That’s perfect. That’s the name of the song”. Rexha said they wrote the track in literally two hours. “And the second I heard my voice on the record, I just knew it was magic”. 

My exclusive HK remix MAGIC is what I’m conjuring up for you this weekend. I’m getting ready to wave my wand over Bebe’s new hit plus bangers from Imagine DragonsTaylor SwiftTiesto5SOSBazzi featuring Camilla Cabello,  Alessia Cara and so much more!  Like new jams from The Chainsmokers with Emily WarrenJason Derulo & David GuettaCharlie PuthLSD featuring SiaDiplo and Labrinth, Martin Garrix with Khalid and waaaaay more!. Oh yeah, it’s goin’ down! But the party don’t start till you walk in so don’t miss a single beat.

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Thursday, August 30, 2018


That’s right!!! This Labor Day weekend we’re celebrating the working people by workin’ the party and I CAN’T wait to fire up the decks…and grill! I’ve got your holiday weekend soundtrack all cued up with exclusive HK remixes ready to drop on Maroon 5 featuring Cardi B, Anne-Marie, Post Malone, Selena GomezMadison BeerBryce VineBackstreet Boys, DJ Khaled with Justin Bieber and so much more! Like an Aretha tribute track and mashup that will light up your grill! This holiday weekend's throwdown is gonna be sic! I’ve got fresh new tracks from Calvin Harris & Sam SmithMarshmello & BastilleSabrina Carpenter plus all your faves!

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Thursday, August 23, 2018


Anne-Marie has a lot on her plate and it’s all dessert. Her joint single, “Friends”, with Marshmello was just certified platinum. She’s on tour with pal Ed Sheeran and her new single “2002”, co-written by Ed, has scored 100 million video views. On September 3rd Anne-Marie will be performing “2002” on Good Morning America. But you don’t have to wait till then! I’ll be pumping her hot off the presses track right here on In The Mix with HK™ this weekend. Plus custom HK remixes on DrakeCardi BImagine DragonsJuice Wrld5SOSBebe RexhaThe Chainsmokers featuring Emily WarrenZedd Elley Duhe. And, new jams by Loud Luxury featuring BrandoJohn MayerLogic with Ryan TedderBenny Blancofeaturing Halsey and Khalid

I’m thowin’ in a classic and Mashup that will make you turn the volume up and So-MUCH-MORE! I’ve got a sic line-up on tap and you’ve got an All Access pass to party! Don’t miss a single banggin’ beat!!!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018


A recent study shows that going to concerts frequently (once every two weeks) can increase you lifespan and make you happier. Well I can vouch for the fact that going to concerts makes me very happy but every two weeks could bust my bank. Still according to O2 and Patrick Fagan, who specializes in behavioral science, going to a gig can increase your feeling of well-being by 21% and suggested a lifespan increase of nine years. Need a little more bliss in your life, maybe it’s time to buy those tickets…or better yet save the cash…I’m spreading musical happiness this weekend on In The Mix with HK™. I personally think tuning in may give you a five year bump (especially if dancing occurs while listening) and I can absolutely promise a sic party soundtrack.

Get ready for exclusive HK remixes on Bebe RexhaMaroon 5Ariana GrandePost MaloneMeghan TrainorShawn MendesCardi BKhalid & Normani. Plus hot new jams from The Chainsmokers featuring Emily WarrenBenny Blanco feat. Halsey & KhalidJuice Wrld and so much more! Tune in for the beats, feel the joy for your party well-being!

Remember…if it's hot, if it's new and it makes you wanna move…you're In The Mix with HK™.