Thursday, June 27, 2024


It’s safe to say there would be no Billie Eilish without older brother Finneas. They’ve won 8 Grammys and 2 Oscars together. He’s acted as co-writer and Producer on all her music. Rumor has it Finneas is ready to break out and fufill his own dreams in TV and Film as an actor. This has got Billie nervous as Finneas has been a personal and professional constant in her life. The idea of possibly recording and touring without him is freaking her out. 


You’ll be freaking out when you hear my HK remixes on Lunch and Birds Of A Feather this weekend. Along with EXCLUSIVE REMIXES on HozierEminemSabrina CarpenterShaboozy and MANY MORE!!! Plus brand new jams to light up your weekend like 4th of July. 


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