Thursday, June 16, 2011

Taylor Swift Concert Review

Well I took some time off from the studio tonight. Had to put the beats on hold and freeze frame the latest remix madness. Ya know why? Taylor Swift was in town at Xcel Arena. It was her second of two nights. Now I know Taylor writes her songs, tickles the ivory and can strum a guitar or banjo or two. She has picked up every award on the planet. But I still wasn't convinced, so I had to peep out the country pop chanteuse for myself. All I can say is WOW!! The production on this show was amazing. The staging, lights, set design, band, dancers, fireworks...that's right fireworks. And even the smell of inscents wafting through the arena at perfectly timed intervals. Taylor sounded great. At times you could get a glimpse of her young clumsy awkwardness, but it was purely a body language thing and let's not forget she hasn't been in the game that long and she's still a young pup. Her banter with the audience - who was a very wide demographic - was perfect and she kept the crowd pumped up at all times. Where I really give her and her production people cred is how she managed to work every inch of that arena from top to bottom and front to back. She jumped off stage ran through the sold out audience and headed to the very back where she then camped out and performed 4 consecutive numbers. One of which was "Fearless". She played guitar and ukulele all while sitting under a tree which rotated. People who moments early were thinking dam! I should have sprung for better seats now temporarily became the first row. She ended the night with "Romeo & Juliet" and sang it from a balcony which was floating high atop the audience and went completely around the full expanse of the arena. Almost every number felt like a Broadway production and was brought to life through beautiful visualization and her desire to get as close to the audience as possible.
Taylor set the bar high and proved what a pop crossover artist can do. Whether you were male or female, Young or old, this was a mass appeal show that didn't disappoint.
Kudos to her management and production team and special thanks to the good folks at Xcel. I've said it before and I'll say it again...Xcel in St.Paul is one of the finest places to see a concert. Easy in, easy out and great acoustics. Not something easily accomplished in the arena world.
Alright. It's 3am. Seems like a good time to head back into the lab. I've got a killer show I'm working on for this weekend. Until then...enjoy these concert photos!