Thursday, August 25, 2011

This Week In The Mix With HK

I always get pumped up this time of year for all the great state fairs happening around the country and some of the best weather all year. My only word of advice is watch out for splinters. Hey! anything can happen and when you eat everything imaginable on a stick, well...I'm just sayin'.
I am on the other hand throwing all caution to the wind when I get in the mix. Your kicks will get pumped up when you hear what's been done to Foster The People. We're gonna party like it's 1999 with LMFAO and I'm taking over control with the help of Afrojack.
The Black Eyed Peas will say "Don't Stop The Party", but since we'll all be getting our "Moves Like Jagger" from Maroon 5 its gonna be hard. I'm also toasting to Rihanna and her latest "Cheers". Plus the latest killer jams from Iyaz, Coldplay, Dev and Pitbull. And I haven't left out some of this summers finest from Katy Perry, Hot Chelle Rae, Adele and Martin Solveig.
Believe it or not...there's a whole lot more. So make sure your tuned in. It's gonna be off the hook. 
Remember…”If it’s hot, if it’s new and it makes you wanna move – you’re In The Mix with HK”™.