Thursday, October 4, 2012

Music Stars Fighting, Kissing, and Fizzling!

It has been an interesting week in music celb news. I can sum it up by saying: "we all knew that was coming", "RiRi what are you thinking" and "who cares". Reports have surfaced that Nicki Minaj flipped out at Mariah Carey during a recent filming of American Idol. A new video has surfaced and although the audio is poor, it sure sounds like Barbie is yelling, "If you got a problem, handle it!... I told them, I'm not f---in' putting up with her f---in' highness over there." Ahhh, just another day in dueling divas paradise. Then we have the Rihanna and Chris Brown incident where she allegedly removed his shirt (just an added touch) before they started making out and dancing at a NYC club. This reconciliation must be a result of how well Breezy treats RiRi???? And now for the "who cares", which I will try to make as brief as possible- apparently Kanye West's great love for Kim K has lost its heat. So sad.

I can tell you what will be hot and smokin' this weekend and that is all your favorite hits custom mixed just for you on In The Mix with HK™! So be sure to tune in to In The Mix with HK™ for a guaranteed hot and heavy, turn up the volume party!

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