Friday, April 13, 2012

This Week In The Mix With HK

The music industry has been rocked with so many break-ups this week it's hard to believe they have time to churn out those hits. Kicking off the break-up week is  Adam Levine who was seriously dumped by his hot Sports Illustrated swimsuit model girlfriend of two years, Anne Vyalitsyna. Anne reportedly announced the break-up to the press before giving a heads-up to Adam. Allegedly, to avoid looking like Adam was the one breaking up with her. WOW! What do you make of that move. And she seemed like such a nice girl. Then, after a nine month separation, Mark Anthony filed for divorce from Jennifer Lopez. But, no worries, the divorce news didn't effect Ms. Lopez's fashion diva image. She showed up for work on "American Idol" in a skin tight mesh and leather bondage dress that would make most men eat those divorce papers. Next, teen heartthrob, Max George, of The Wanted fame, announced that he is no longer engaged to English soap opera actress, Michelle Keegan. George is adjusting well to the single life,  when asked if he is enjoying the benfits of being in a boyband George replied, "Absolutely". Lastly, Kim (pleeeeeease tell me why she is famous again) Kardashian, who's still married, reportedly is dating Kanye West. Although it is yet to be announced that this fling is dead, we are putting the Kim and Kanye romance in the break-up column. Sources close to the situation claim that it's all a publicity stunt. What??? No way! No true Kanye love for Kim????? A Kardashian doing a publicity stunt? That's %#$*@#$ crazy!
While the stars are breaking up I've been mixing it up on the wheels of steel. So tie down your speakers, pump up the volume and get ready for wicked HK remixes on Jessie J - "Domino", Gotye - "Somebody That I Use To Know", All American Rejects- "Beekeeper's Daughter", Justin Bieber- "Boyfriend", B.O.B - "So Good", Train - 'Drive By"  and an out of this world remix of Nicki Minaj - "Starships".  And that's just getting the party started so tune in this Saturday night at 10pm and rip the knob off!

Remember..."If it's hot, if it's new and it makes you wanna move…you're In The Mix with HK™.