Friday, December 14, 2012


For the longest time I couldn't bring myself to watch any music competition show on TV. As someone who spends their life discovering, producing, remixing and programming talent – it was just to difficult for me to watch the fate of talented (and in some cases untalented) people be decided by the public at large. As if this was just a popularity contest. No not me! I take this to seriously. 

Then The Voice comes along. Ahh! A show with really talented judges and they actually pick who moves forward in the competition. Yeah! I'm happy! Well for a little while. That is until the Voice hit's the final stage and turns into every other music reality show by handing the voting reigns over to the 1-800 number. 

My bliss of hearing Amanda Brown sing is now over. The joy of seeing and hearing a young prodigy like Trevin Hunt gone. One can only hope Nicholas David will win at this point. Unlike his two remaining counterparts, Nicholas is a true artist in every sense of the word. His unique soulful voice, vibe and musicianship is that of a seasoned pro and every performance draws you in. Terry McDermott can sing. No denying that, but I personally know about 10,000 rock band bar singers who are just as good. The only thing I can say about Cassadee Pope is despite her being a huge public favorite she never should have made it this far. In the majority of her performances she has sung off key and with no dynamic.  She has Blake to thank for getting her this far. Note to sweet Miranda….don't leave those two alone for to long.

I've got nothing but the hottest artists In The Mix with HK™ and a few special gems from the past to heat up your night. For the best music reality tune in this week. I'll be remixing all your favorite hits like…Pitbull - "Don't Stop The Party", Swedish House Mafia - "Don't You Worry Child" and Rihanna - "Diamonds". I'll also be featuring remixes on some new bangers from…  Sam and The Womp - "Bom Bom", Chris Wallace - "Remember When (Push Rewind)" and  Neon Trees - "Lessons In Love"! It's an all out party music jam you don't want to miss!

Remember...if it's hot, if it's new and it makes you wanna're In The Mix with HK.