Thursday, June 28, 2018


Dennis Lloyd grew up in Tel Aviv where at the age of 8 he began playing piano and at 13 taught himself to play guitar. He attended an art school for Jazz where he says people told him not to sing. Lloyd states “If I would have listened to them I wouldn’t be here”. At 21 he moved to Bangkok to focus on writing songs and producing music and it was there that he wrote Nevermind. Lloyd attributes the success of the song partly to an article that his mom gave him about a kid in Denmark who made a remix of a Nathan Goshen song and it blew up on Spotify. “So I remixed my own song and it worked. No one knows I did it, most people do not know that I’m producing it myself from beat stage to the master.” His self-remixed track has been a pan-European/international hit and just entered the U.S. Top 40 Pop Chart this week.

I’m gonna be crankin’ Dennis Lloyd’s banger this weekend plus other new beats from Madison BeerBryce VineNoah Cyrus & Max. Also on deck - exclusive HK remixes on chart toppers from Post Malone with Ty Dolla $ignLogic & MarshmelloCalvin Harris Dua LipaCharlie Puth with Kehlani5 Seconds of Summer and so much more! I’m keepin’ those fireworks going all through the weekend so get ready to turn the volume up!

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