Thursday, August 10, 2023



Hip-hop’s unofficial 50th birthday is tomorrow. It’s the anniversary of a neighborhood back-to-school party in the Bronx during the summer of 1973 that sparked a global phenomenon.  


I’ve been blessed, fortunate and lucky to work with many artists from many musical generes. Pop, Rock, Blues, Disco, Gospel, Jazz, New Age, and EDM. Looking back on Hip-hop’s 50 years allows me to look back on one of the most personal favorite chapters of my life. Imagine being in the studio when some of the greatest records in history were being made. I can. Because I was. From telling Queen Latifah to sing (and not just rap) on “Give Me Your Love”, along with remixing the track and overseeing the entire “Nature Of a Sista” album. To digitally mastering (one of the first rap albums ever) by De La Soul. There’s also StetsasonicCoolio (“Gangsta’s Paradise”), Digital Underground (“Humpty Dance”), Naughty By Nature (“O.P.P”., “Hip Hop Hooray”, etc.), House Of Pain (“Jump Around”) and more. I’ve shared the stage and performed with Biz MarkieSalt n PepaFlo RidaSir Mix-a-lotYoung MCDJ KoolRob Base and MORE. To be in the thick of it, when rap and hip-hop crossed over from the streets to mainstream America was a crazy ride. What’s even crazier….is I still am. Happy Birthday Hip-hop! Hip-hop Hooray!!!