Thursday, January 18, 2024


Courtesy Republic Records
Lot’s of heavyweight hitters are back with new music this week, and many of them are surrounded in controversy. J-LoLil Nas X, and Ariana Grande all dropped new singles. As is always the question with Jennifer Lopez, will her relationship with Ben Affleck last this time around? Lil Nas X is raising eyebrows for the visuals in his video for his latest single, and it seems Ariana Grande lost over 400,000 followers on social media after her new single dropped days ago. Now 400k seems like an awful lot of people, and it is, but it won’t put a dent in her 380 million stalwart fans. So what is it about the lyrics of the song that pissed off so many people?


I’m spreading nothing but love and awesome musical vibes this weekend. Tune in to hear all your favorite hits like you’ve never heard them before. I’m talking never before heard remixes on Taylor SwiftTeddy SwimsTate McRaeThirty Seconds To MarsTylaAJRKenya Grace, and much MORE! I’ve also got killer throwbacks and all that new music of course!


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