Thursday, March 21, 2013


I've had the pleasure of seeing more than my fair share of concerts. Consuming the quantity of music I do, as a fan and listener, as well as a passionate patron of the arts and professional in the biz, means I could even be jaded. So, when I go to a concert and get blown away, it's the thing I can't stop talking about all week and I want to tell everyone. This week I got to see Pink. Trying to describe this concert is like telling someone to imagine a burlesque show, Cirque Du Soleil, a pop diva rock concert and a ballet meets the gang from "Step Up" all rolled up into one nice package. The fact that Pink has so many hits (which many have forgotten) keeps this two hour extravaganza going at a frenetic clip. The whole time she's belting out these hits, one after another,  she's dancing and doing aerial stunt work that would make a professional gymnast and stunt woman proud. All without a net. I mean she's like 10 stories high swinging from a silk or cable and if something goes wrong it's lights out…dead!

Her voice was pitch perfect. Never shaky, out of breath or straining and considering all the stunt work she has to be in olympic type shape to pull this off. And unlike many other pop stars with highly choreographed tours who opt to lip sync, Pink appeared to be singing live the whole time – with the help of a great backup team.

In honor of her stamina and performance I'm gonna be bringing it this weekend. It's time to sweat people. Get ready for my mashup of Pink's -"Just Give Me A Reason" with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis -"Thrift Shop". I've got the new one from Little Mix -"Wings", Muse -"Madness" and a new HK remix on "Suit & Tie". Plus re-envisioned versions of Rihanna-"Stay", Pitbull/Xtina -"Feel This Moment", Imagine Dragons -"It's Time" and a sonic state of perfect bliss with Swedish House Mafia. What? Not enough for you? No problem! You know I can't tell you everything right here right now, but prepare to hear new music from Icona PopAfrojackJustin BieberKrewellaDemi Lovato and more.

Remember…if it's hot, if it's new and it makes you wanna move…you're In The Mix with HK™.