Thursday, June 13, 2013


Freedom of speech is wonderful. It's one of the many things that makes this country great and what I'm about to do right now! Computers, the internet and social media have made the megaphone we're all speaking through a billion times bigger. Now that we have this power at our fingertips it's easy for people to have many a mis-step. Especially those that live in the public eye and under close scrutiny. Case in point – politicians, movie stars, music stars etc. From Chris Brownand Justin Bieber tweets to the latest Amanda Bynes meltdowns not a day goes by where someone isn't mouthing off and we all hear about it. This week it was Kanye West, albeit through an old fashioned media channel like the New York Times. But it was the posting of that interview on the internet that sent the blogosphere ablaze! Kanye, who gave a rare interview to the paper as he starts promotion on his new album, referred to himself as the Michael Jordan of the music business and the Steve Jobs of the internet. Kanye has some amazing statistics, including 21 Grammy Awards. That's right, you heard that correctly, bet you didn't know that. But yezzy constantly feels slighted. In his mind he's never gotten credit for the work he's done. What's up with that? I'm curious to hear your opinion. Please let me know!

Now let me mouth off about this week's show. Don't you dare miss it! I'm gonna set your sonic world on fire. This show is HOT!!! All new remixes on your favorite hits and it's all mixed together into one non-stop crazy throwdown. I can't wait for you to hear what I've done to Daft Punk - "Get Lucky", Nikki Williams - "Glowing", Demi Lovato - "Heart Attack" and a bangin' re-imagined version of a classic. I got all your requests for Macklemore & Ryan LewisAvril Lavigne and Selena Gomez so I got you covered. Some special HK tasty treats will be my mashup of Ed Sheeran - "Lego House" with Justin Timberlake - "Mirrors,  plus my new take on Emeli Sande' - "Next To Me", Bruno Mars - "Treasure" and Jennifer Lopez – "Live It Up". There's plenty more so come hang with me in the DJ booth.

Remember…if it's hot, if it's new and it makes you wanna move…you're In The Mix with HK™.