Thursday, July 16, 2015


God knows I love Ariana’s voice and songs. But that donut incident was seriously messed up and Ariana’s getting a lot of shade over it. Since Taylor Swift is one of today's best loved young artists, not to mention "The Most Charitable Celeb of 2014",  I’m thinking taking her lead might be genius. So Ariana here you go:


  1. Only lick donuts that you have purchased. The general public doesn’t like you enough to eat your  saliva.
  2. Never, ever, ever say you hate America… or any country, anyone or pretty much anything. If you must hate something, hate haters. Their always safe. 
  3. Do NOT by any means do an insincere video apology that just makes you look even worse.
  4. Do NOT do a second insincere video apology that just makes you look even worse than you did prior to the first lame apology.

Ariana Do Follow Taylor Swift's Lead Here:

  1. Do donate $50,000.00 to help pay the medical bills for a girl with cancer.
  2. Do defend your fellow artists in a professional way and make Apple pay out the royalties that artist have coming to them.
  3. Do ask fans to star in one of your music videos.
  4. Do send Christmas care packages to your biggest fans.
  5. Throw a private concert for a 6-Year-Old with Leukemia.
  6. Bring waiting fans a bunch of Pizzas (I mean, who doesn’t love pizza).
  7. Do visit a fan wo was hit by a car and is getting better after brain surgery (That is sooo nice. I mean, any celeb can give money but when they give their time that is really cool).
  8. Do donate all proceeds from your single about NYC to the NYC public schools.
  9. Study Tay-Tay’s every move and do all the sweet, kind, loving things that she does….Your welcome!
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