Thursday, May 12, 2016


Ruth B’s song Lost Boy got its start in a fairytale kinda way! Just two years ago Ruth was a teenager playing piano and singing covers, then uploading them to Vine from her childhood bedroom. But it was the day that the Canadian singer/songwriter and college student had finished binge watching the TV show Once Upon A Time that the real magic began. Ruth sat at her keyboard and played around with random chords singing different words. One of the lines she sang was: “I am a lost boy from Neverland, usually hanging out with Peter Pan”. Ruth said she didn’t think much of it but she posted it on Vine because it kept ringing in her head. One week later the Vine of that little line had 85,000 likes with people asking for more. So Ruth would come home after school and write a new line to the song and post it, eventually she says “I had a chorus”. Amazingly, Vine users were able to see the evolution of the song in real-time. It didn’t take long for major-labels to find those Lost Boy snippets and soon Ruth’s desires to become a lawyer were sprinkled with pixie dust and turned into musical dreams.

I’ll be sprinkling pixie dust on the ones and twos this weekend when I bring you an exclusive HK remix of Ruth B’s Lost Boys that will have Peter Pan jammin! Get your party pants on cause I'm also featuring exclusives this week on Justin Timberlake, Flume f/Kai, Zayn, G-Eazy/Bebe Rexha, Pink, Mike Posner, Twenty One Pilots and more! Plus new surprises from Calvin Harris/Rihanna, Kiiara and Julien Creance. And, there might even be a re-imagined HK classic in there!

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