Thursday, September 5, 2013


Actor, songwriter, record producer and innovative rapper Eminem is finally back with the dropping of his brand new single Berzerk. Not only is he back on the scene but he is taking no prisoners as this latest release sold 362,000 copies last week. Berzerk is doing it old school with samples from Billy Squire and Beastie Boys. It’s infectious hook combined with Eminem’s wicked staccato flow assures this one’s gonna blowup. It’s just a taste of what is to come on Eminem’s upcoming eighth studio album, The Marshall Mather LP 2, hitting stores on November 5th.  

You can hear this hot new single with an HK twist when I go Berzerk this weekend In The Mix with HK!

Buckle up for custom remixes on Lorde - “Royals”, Anna Kendrick - “Cups”, Lady Gaga -  “Applause”, and giving equal time to all Divas I have Katy Perry’s “Roar” amped up  like you've never heard it before. We'll be getting all kinds of patriotic with Bonnie McKee – “American Girl” and Demi Lovato - “Made in The USA”. With ParamoreJustin TimberlakeRobin Thicke and Calvin Harris all In The Mix with HK this weekend the hits just keep on comin’.  As Miley Cyrus says “We Can’t Stop” and we won’t stop all weekend long. Check your local listings!

Remember...if it's hot, if it's new and it makes you wanna're In The Mix with HK™